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A pioneer in the commercialization of electric energy in the national free market, Tradener offers the best solutions in electric energy for your company to grow. Our economic solidity consolidated by competent management practices allow for a lower cost and greater predictability in your business' electricity bill.

Our reach

TRADENER currently has 691 sales contracts and more than 500 customers spread across 20 states in Brazil, marking its presence throughout the country. With a new office in Campinas, TRADENER is expanding its presence in less explored regions.


Brazilian states


Sales contracts

Customized contracts

Flexibility in negotiations and customized solutions for each client, taking into account the particularities and needs of your business. It is possible to negotiate terms, flexibility, seasonality and other contractual conditions.

Energy contract solutions

Possibility of different contract formats to meet the particularities of your business. Flexibility in terms (short, medium and long), swap contracts with the exchange of energy blocks between submarkets, sources (conventional and incentive) or different periods, collar and hedge operations and option contracts with guaranteed prices in the future.

Complete portfolio of renewable energy sources

Our energy is guaranteed by energy generated by our own sources or purchased from reliable and long-term traditional generators. Allowing us to service all states and regions of Brazil.

Long-term PPA

Long-term PPA solutions, both for the investor and the energy consumer, contributing to the development of new generation projects as well as the expansion of renewable energy sources.


Commercialized Energy


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